Protein diet - menu for 14 days and weight loss results

Excess weight is not an indicator of excellent health of a person, but quite the opposite. Extra pounds indicate that the body has failed and is not working properly. Help to cope with the problem that has been specially developed by dietitians. The most productive and effective of them is protein.

Protein diet for weight loss

A diet consisting of high protein foods is a protein diet for rapid weight loss. But it is also a strict control and restriction of carbohydrate and fat intake. During this effective diet, the body actively removes fluids and calcium. With such a diet, a large load goes to the kidneys, and as a result, a person can suffer from dry skin, dull hair and brittle nails.

To avoid dehydration and feel good, you should drink plenty of purified water, as shown in the fluid intake chart. It will not be superfluous to use vitamins. The combination of a proper and balanced diet, exercise can have a remarkable effect. It is not necessary to train in the gym, simple exercises will be enough, which will take half an hour of your time. Protein diet for 2 weeks can completely transform your figure.

The benefits of a high protein diet

This diet has many benefits. The main advantages of a protein diet:

  • Satisfying hunger for a long time. Protein is a complex element, the body needs time and strength to digest it. This is the reason for the elimination of hunger for several hours.
  • A balanced diet helps not to gain pounds, but to lose them quickly.
protein diet foods

Disadvantages of a protein diet

There are disadvantages of a protein diet:

  • after the end of the diet, it is easy to share in carbohydrate foods (flour products, pasta);
  • the condition of nails and hair may worsen;
  • increased load on the kidneys;
  • diet causes frequent mood swings.

What can you eat on a protein diet?

The list of foods you can eat on a protein diet includes the following main ingredients:

  • Poultry, rabbit, beef, veal, lamb dishes. You can cook meat according to different recipes: steam, boil, boil, fry without oil.
  • A variety of lean fish. Choose the varieties at your discretion, it's a matter of taste.
  • Protein-rich chicken or quail eggs.
  • Vegetables (everything except potatoes). They can be taken fresh or in frozen mixes. Cook soups with them, fry, boil, give preference to greens and cabbage - white, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts.

Protein diet - it is better to make a menu for 14 days in advance - it should not be scanty. The diet can be diluted with the use of such products: canned fish, slightly salted lard, quality sausages, dark chocolate, fruits in moderation. Tomatoes play a special role: they contain lycopene, which is necessary for our body. Salads should be dressed with lemon juice, flax seeds or olive oil. During a strict diet, you can use different spices. Salt should be limited.

  • potatoes;
  • bakery products;
  • porridge, pasta;
  • any sweet drink;
  • alcoholic drink.
salad with protein diet

Daily protein menu

After successful weight loss, you need to keep fit with the help of effective fasting days. They are held once a week at home, on this day only protein foods are consumed. Don't forget to drink about two liters of sugar-free juice. It is allowed to eat vegetables, raw, boiled or boiled. Meals are taken every 4-5 hours. There are several types of fasting days:

  • The day of discharge in the flesh. For a day you can eat only lean meat in boiled or boiled form. It should be divided into equal portions and eaten throughout the day. You can satisfy your hunger with low-calorie vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers). In the evening, if you wish, it is allowed to drink 250 grams of 1% fat kefir.
  • According to reviews, a day on kefir is the most popular and effective. For a day you need to drink one and a half liters of kefir. The diet can vary with apples in the amount of 3-5 pieces. But you should not forget to use water in large quantities.
  • The discharge day in fish is very similar to meat. You can get for this cod, salmon, pelengas, pink salmon, silver carp. The menu for a protein day consists of 600 grams of selected delicious fish. Drinking lemon water or ginger water will help fight hunger. You can start your morning with green tea.

Types of protein diet

There are a variety of protein diet options. The duration of such a diet varies from 5 to 14 days. An accelerated and fast way to lose weight is a protein diet for five days. It is used when you need to lose weight quickly. The main foods in this protein-rich diet are:

  • meat, preferably chicken fillet;
  • dairy products and milk;
  • herbal tea, mineral water without gas (do not drink coffee).

The diet for ten days is practically no different from the previous one. The difference is only in the use of fermented milk products, they should be taken every 6 hours for 200 grams. Partial meals and small portions will not allow you to feel hungry. Make sure you drink plenty of still water and exercise. Extra pounds will disappear very quickly. The diet for 2 weeks is significantly different from the previous ones. A sample menu of a protein diet for weight loss also includes a small amount of carbohydrate food.

dairy products in a protein diet

Protein diet menu for 14 days

A detailed description of the diet will help you lose weight quickly and at the same time not harm your health. Protein diet for 14 days:

  1. Breakfast - 270 ml of coffee drink. Lunch - 1 tablespoon. baked fermented milk, 2 eggs, 130 grams of boiled cabbage. Dinner - 250 grams of boiled fish with soup.
  2. Breakfast - 230 ml of fruit juice without sugar, scrambled eggs from 2 eggs without oil. Lunch - 170 grams of fish, 120 grams of beets. Dinner - 200 grams of kefir, 0. 2 kg of rabbit meat.
  3. Breakfast - 4 quail eggs, 270 ml of tea without sugar. Lunch - 180 g of steamed chicken, 100 g of boiled zucchini, 1 grapefruit. Dinner - 2 eggs, 170 g lean beef, 125 g salad with fresh vegetables.
  4. Breakfast - 270 ml of tea without sugar, 20 g of cheese, 10 g of butter. Lunch - 2 boiled carrots, salmon steak 150 g, fresh fruit 150 g Dinner - 1 tbsp. ryazhenka, 25 g of cheese.
  5. Breakfast - 1 raw carrot, 270 ml of tea. Lunch - 1 glass of milk with cottage cheese, pork with vegetables 250 g, banana. Dinner - 1 tablespoon. kefir, 1 egg, 25 g of cheese.
  6. Breakfast - 250 ml of tea, 2 eggs, 15 g of dark chocolate. Lunch - 170 g of boiled rabbit meat, 150 g of vegetable salad, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sour cream. Dinner - 100 g of raw carrots seasoned with vegetable oil, a few hard-boiled eggs.
  7. Breakfast - 270 ml of tea, 4 quail eggs, 15 g of dark chocolate. Lunch - 170 g of beef, 120 g of buckwheat, 2 apples or 1 banana. Dinner - 2 eggs, 100 g of fish, 1 tbsp. kefir, 150 g of vegetables.
  8. The second week repeats the menu of the first, but the order is reversed, d. m. th. Day 8 equals day 7, day 9 equals day 6, and so on.

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protein diet

what should you eat on a protein diet

As a result, the lost kilograms do not return immediately and the result is quite stable. In the menu for the week, you can see how to correctly combine products so that the percentage of protein in food is more than 30, and carbohydrates, on the contrary, are reduced.

The benefits of a high protein diet

Weight loss is due to the removal of excess fat, not muscle mass, which avoids exhaustion. The principle of operation is as follows: when you use proteins as the main food and reduce the amount of carbohydrates as much as possible, the body must get energy from fat deposits, since protein serves only as a building material and is not enoughintense energy. .

In the first stage, excess fluids leave the body, so the protein diet is also called "drying". Then, being in a stressful state, the body begins to burn muscle tissue and tries to accumulate even more fat - in order to avoid days of hunger.

It is at this stage that a large amount of protein does not allow the muscles to leave, compensating for the losses. If it is impossible to save excess reserves, the body begins to burn fat deposits.

Proteins are digested for a long time, so there is no feeling of hunger. This reduces the likelihood of "breakdowns", as there will be no constant feeling of hunger.

Day 1

Breakfast:150 g low-fat cottage cheese, unsweetened tea or coffee.
Snack:an Apple.
Dinner:vegetable broth, 150 g of boiled chicken breast, 1 slice of cereal bread.
Afternoon snack:100 g of Greek yogurt.
Dinner:200 g of steamed fish or poultry, vegetable salad.

Day 2

meat in a protein diet

Breakfast:protein omelet 150 g, tea or coffee.
Snack:2 sugar-free cheesecakes.
Dinner:150 g boiled beef, vegetables.
Afternoon snack:a glass of kefir or yogurt without additives.
Dinner:200 g of baked fish, 100 g of fresh vegetables.

Day 3

eggs in a protein diet

Breakfast:2 boiled eggs, coffee or tea.
Snack:1 apple.
Dinner:200 g of turkey, 5-7 tablespoons. boiled brown rice.
Afternoon snack:cottage cheese without sugar.
Dinner:150 g of beef, 100 g of cabbage sauce.

Day 4

fish in a protein diet

Breakfast:buckwheat porridge with milk, tea.
Snack:1 grapefruit.
Dinner:200 g chicken fillet, 150 g green beans.
Afternoon snack:a glass of ryazhenka.
Dinner:200 g of boiled fish, 150 g of fresh or boiled vegetables.

Day 5

vegetables in a protein-rich diet

Breakfast:150 g of boiled chicken, cabbage or cucumber salad.
Snack:1 orange.
Dinner:200 g of steamed fish, a slice of whole grain bread.
Afternoon snack:100 g of natural yogurt.
Dinner:200 g of steamed beef, 150 g of vegetable salad.

Day 6

oranges in a protein diet

Breakfast:protein omelette, tea or coffee.
Snack:any citrus fruit.
Dinner:beef or chicken steak, 100 g of vegetables.
Afternoon snack:a glass of kefir.
Dinner:150 grams of baked fish, 100 grams of salmon.

Day 7

salmon steak on a protein diet

Breakfast:salmon steak with vegetable salad, tea or coffee.
Snack:1 apple.
Dinner:vegetable soup with low-fat broth, 100 g of boiled beef, a slice of cereal bread.
Afternoon snack:curd souffle.
Dinner:100 g of poultry meat, 100 g of vegetable salad.


The effect of weight loss on a protein diet, as a rule, becomes visible after a week, when the first 4-5 extra kilograms are removed..The most visible result will be after three weeks, when the excess weight will go away even more and the relief of the muscles will become visible. After all, a protein diet is designed to get rid of body fat, not muscle mass. The benefit of protein products for recovery and muscle "building" is enough.

The greater the initial weight of the person losing weight, the greater will be the "loss" during the diet. For example, with a weight of 100 kg and the presence of obesity, you can lose 5-10 kg in two weeks. At the same time, the diet is quite diverse and will not cause aversion to a certain product, as happens in mono-diets.

It is believed that the optimal period when you can adhere to a protein diet with benefit and without harm to health is 10-14 days. During this time, you can lose weight by 8-15 kilograms.

The minimum duration of the protein diet is one week, the maximum is 21 days.

For people with kidney disease and even suspicions of such, a protein diet is categorically contraindicated.

scrambled egg sandwich on a protein diet

Reviews of nutritionists

- Protein diets are based on a very high protein intake. The advantages of the diet are a feeling of satiety and a quick result in weight loss. Contraindications - sagging skin due to sudden weight loss, kidney problems due to the high content of protein breakdown products (stone formation and inflammation of the urinary tract); constipation if a person eats little fiber and high cholesterol due to eating fatty meats, saysDilara Akhmetova, nutritionist consultant, nutrition coach.

Protein diet recipes

steak on a protein diet

A protein diet involves losing weight by increasing protein intake, reducing carbohydrates, and reducing total calorie portions. It is believed that the complete rejection of carbohydrates allows you to lose weight more effectively, but this method is not very safe for health.

Protein recipes, including soup recipes, are especially popular these days. Inspired by the example of many stars of show business, cinema and politics, who lose weight quickly and effectively on protein diets, people around the world are interested in which dishes can make up a daily diet with a protein diet.

For the duration of the diet, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and fats, so that your menu is not boring, we offer several recipes for protein dishes.

Main dishes

Chicken fillet in kefir

Cut 100 gr. chicken fillet and mix with salt, pepper, herbs. Mix 50 ml. kefir, 50 ml. water and stuff the fillet. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Then place in a hot pan and cook for 5 minutes on each side.

Dried scrambled eggs

We take a box to heat food in the microwave, break a dozen or two eggs into it (as many as you need XD), stir them and for a few minutes (depending on the number of eggs. The more - the longer) microwave)

It is good that the size is less than 10 eggs to cook. It is more convenient to eat - do not choke). And delicious) Yes, you can add anything. Vegetables, meat, whatever you want.

Baked fish in the oven

Any fish to your taste (I take cod, pollock, cod, tilapia, pangasius, trout) pour over lemon juice, sprinkle with dried herbs, bake in the oven until soft.

I put noodles on a baking sheet (or in a baking dish) and add a little water - and then the baking sheet does not need to be washed, and the fish does not stick and does not burn. It can be done in a baking sleeve.

Chicken fillet in lemon juice

Beat the chicken fillet, sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with natural spices (I take dried herbs), salt (I don't eat salt, so I don't salt). Let it marinate for a few hours. Deep fry without oil.

Fish in Polish

Boil the fish (for this dish I take pollock / hake / cod). Break it from the bones into pieces of about 2-3 cm. Put in a pot, pour the juice from the fish (so that it covers the fish), salt (not salt) / pepper, rub 1 whole boiled egg + 2 proteins on top. Simmer on low heat covered for 5-7 minutes.

Fish cutlets with basil sauce

  • Fish fillet (I have pangasius and hake)
  • 1 egg
  • a quarter of an onion
  • a little salt
  • for fat-free eggnog sauce
  • some mustard
  • dried basil

For the sauce, mix all the ingredients and set the sauce aside. Grind the fish fillet with onions in a blender or meat grinder, add a little salt and form small pieces. For frying in a dry pan on low heat under the lid. Everything is simple.

Roast pork in soy sauce

  • 1 kg of pork
  • 1 cup soy sauce
  • salt
  • pepper
  • bay leaves to taste
  • juice of 1/2 lemon

Rub a piece of pork with lemon juice, sprinkle with pepper, chopped bay leaf and salt. Put it in the oven. Periodically, the meat should be watered with the liquid that catches the eye.

Cut the finished roast into pieces, place on a plate and pour the soy sauce. Serve greens, pickles, pickled squash, zucchini, tomatoes, sauerkraut separately.

Beef with brown rice

250 grams of meat cut into identical cubes should be fried in olive oil, then pour two glasses of water, salt, add spices to taste and let it boil for half an hour. You will get a broth to which you need to add half a cup of brown rice and leave everything on the fire until the rice is steamed and the liquid evaporates.

Protein soups

At first glance, it may seem that preparing soups as part of a protein diet is almost impossible. Indeed, soup is traditionally (except vegetarian) a combination of a protein base (meat, poultry, fish, seafood, etc. ) sauce with carbohydrates (various vegetables, grains, pasta or noodles, etc. ). ). Meanwhile, liquid food contributes to weight loss, and with any diet, liquid foods are most welcome. How to cook soup for a protein diet, excluding most vegetables and common grains? In fact, it is very simple!

Spinach shoulder puree

Ingredients: Skinless turkey breast, 1 package spinach (can be used frozen), 2 cloves garlic, any herbs you like, 1/3 cup skim milk, salt, pepper.

Preparation: Boil the turkey, remove the meat from the liquid and let it cool. Finely chop the spinach and boil it in the prepared liquid for about 5 minutes. Break the turkey meat apart, separate from the bones and veins, finely chop and return to the gravy. Cook the spinach and turkey together for a few more minutes. Allow the resulting "glue" to cool slightly, then puree with a blender, gradually adding milk, spices and finely chopped herbs to the soup. It is best served immediately, as the soup may lose its puree consistency when heated.

Fish soup "Salmon with milk"

Ingredients: 450 g salmon fillet, 3-4 medium tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 carrot, half a liter of skimmed milk, any greens of your choice, salt, pepper.

Preparation: Pour boiling water over the tomatoes, peel and finely chop them. Peel and finely chop the onion as well. Grate the carrots. Fry the carrots and onions in a non-stick pan, add the tomatoes a little later. Transfer to a pot, pour 1 liter of water, let it boil. Then, boil the vegetables on low heat for about 6-8 minutes. Cut the salmon into small cubes, add to the soup. After a couple of minutes, add milk. After 5 minutes, add spices and herbs and turn off. Let it cook for 15-20 minutes.

Meatball soup

Prepare the broth on the chicken bone, roll the chicken breast meat in a meat grinder, make meatballs from it and add it to the boiled broth. Then add the green beans, some bell pepper and greens to the water.